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Efficiency & Competency Define An Outstanding Virtual Assistant

Highly organized and detail-focused, our virtual assistants specialize in delivering remote administrative support to clients. Their remarkable skills encompass written and verbal communication, a diligent work ethic, and the capability to operate autonomously, making them highly effective. Their mission is to support your journey towards increased productivity and time efficiency by expertly managing tasks that you should not have to handle.

Customer Care Services
Trip Arrangements
Data & Report Generation
Social Media Administration
Middle & Backend Services
Email & Schedule Management

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Why choose KCS Solutions?

Company Overview

KCS Solutions, a Philippines-based staffing agency, specializes in linking businesses with skilled and reliable international talent.

We attract hundreds of applicants for every open position, ensuring that we select the finest talents.

We provide top-notch HR and administrative management, complemented by rigorous performance tracking for your employees.

We handle employee management, giving you the freedom to focus on expanding your business.

We're here to facilitate your efforts in creating an efficient and motivated outsourced workforce that enhances your company's competitive standing.

Cost Overview

Say goodbye to recruitment fees. Our process is free of charge.

Once your employees are part of your team, you can expect a hassle-free monthly invoice for their hourly rate. Say goodbye to concerns over exchange rates or additional fees.

Experience local-level outcomes while enjoying savings of up to 70% through global outsourcing.

Our monitoring software ensures you only pay for actual work time. We provide paid vacation days and bonuses to your team at zero expense to your company.

The 8 Stages of Our Top 1% Recruitment Method

Job Opening

We begin the journey by constructing a job listing that's custom-built to your needs and the specific job qualifications you desire.

Here's how we navigate the selection process to identify the ideal candidate.


Moving forward, we evaluate candidates and their abilities through practical testing. Our initial assessments gauge attention to detail and cognitive skills.

Currently, the talent pool consists of about 43% of the initial applicants.

Unique Skills

Next, we proceed to the second phase of assessments, evaluating candidates on their English language proficiency, computer skills, and role-specific qualifications.

After the evaluations, we've retained approximately 12% of the initial candidate pool.


Progressing through the rigorous testing phase doesn't automatically grant you an interview opportunity.

Our Talent Acquisition Team meticulously examines applicants' profiles to determine the presence of work history relevance before sending invitations.

Q & A

After the assessments, candidates are coordinated for a session with one of our skilled HR specialists.

We build a thorough profile of the candidate's background and communication talents.


Our peer-review process is thorough and considers all the insights we've gathered about each candidate.

We proceed to recommend a specifically chosen few to our executive team.


KCS Solutions executives evaluate and approve the top candidates who demonstrate the requisite skills and qualities for the position.

This is where you step in.


You meet with the chosen candidates and weigh their qualifications for the job yourself.

The choice is yours: you can make a job offer to the candidate, organize a second interview, or request to meet another candidate.

Let's Get Started


  • We Familiarize Ourselves with Your Business and Your Precise Staffing Needs.

  • We Design a Job Description Tailored to Attract the Ideal Candidates


  • Selected candidates undergo our demanding aptitude evaluation.

  • We arrange interviews for candidates who achieve a top 1% score.


  • Our Experts Conduct Candidate Interviews to Evaluate Their Character.

  • You Can Engage with the Selected Candidates and Evaluate Their Position.


  • Our Advanced Software Monitors Employees Daily Through Screenshots and Keyboard/Mouse Tracking.

  • We Immediately Notify You of Any Productivity Decreases Detected by Our Cutting-Edge Software.

Eight Key Benefits of Hiring via KCS Solutions

Discover Testimonials from Our Happy Clients

KCS Solutions sets the gold standard in customer service. Their skilled professionals ensure our patients receive the compassionate and efficient support they deserve, making them an invaluable partner for Healthwise Hospital.

Dr. Elizabeth Carter, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Healthwise Hospital

KCS Solutions delivers exceptional results. Their team's dedication to quality service has streamlined our client communications, enhancing our project delivery. I highly recommend KCS Solutions to any business looking for top-notch call center services.

Alan Reynolds

Senior Project Manager, TechGenius Solutions

As an educator, I recognize excellence when I see it. KCS Solutions' commitment to precision and courtesy in every interaction is unmatched. Their seamless communication support has significantly contributed to our institute's success, making them an essential asset for Academia Success Institute.

Professor Sarah Mitchell, PhD

Director of Education, Academia Success Institute